We are not property managers:

Because property managers take control of everything:

  1.  of the income (they will set the rent amount),
  2. the expense (decide if a repair is needed and use their contractors and inflate the price in most cases),
  3. the tenants (after finding a tenant they will put that tenant in place and charge you to evict that same tenant),
  4. the repairs ( after determining repairs are needed they will have their repair person make the repairs and most cases they will have a sir-charge (added cost))
  5. and put aside a “reserve” ( more money in case they need it later)
  6. give the owners the any left over money.

We are Agents for the owners.

As an agent you make the decisions:

Giving you complete control over everything: without the hassle of managing property

  1. As your agent we will help you determine the market value of your property , but let you tell us the rent amount..
  2. We will mix your tenant requirement with our experience and after we screen the tenants we let you decide which tenant is right.
  3.  We will evaluate the need for repairs, give you some quotes and let you decide.
  4. We will collect the rent and GIVE it to you.
  5. We will issue any and all notice, make inspection and recommendation
  6.    $45.00 per door monthly is our fee. Plain and simple. If we don’t collect the rent you don’t pay ( on-time set up fee $175.00)



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