All landlords are legally required to offer livable or habitable premises when they originally rent a unit in California, and to maintain it in that condition throughout the rental term. According to state laws (Civil Code ยง 1941.1 and ยง 1941.3), at minimum every rental must have:

  • - effective waterproofing and weather protection of roof and exterior walls, including unbroken windows and doors
  • - functioning plumbing, heating, and electrical facilities, including hot and cold running water and a working toilet and kitchen sink
  • - clean and sanitary building and grounds (that is, free of debris, filth, rubbish, garbage, rodents, and vermin), with adequate trash receptacles
  • - well-maintained floors, stairways, and railings
  • - deadbolt locks on certain doors and windows
  • -no lead paint hazards, and
  • -no nuisances, a catchall provision referring to something that is dangerous to human life, detrimental to health, or morally offensive and obnoxious, such as allowing drug dealing on the premises.